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The S Family.

I got a call from this family and had a new request. They have a family business in transport. My job was to capture them with one of the company’s new trucks. It was so clean and shiny, and then we got hit with rain. So we huddled in the cab while we waited for it to pass and I shot in cramped quarters. The rain cleared just in time for a gorgeous sunset and then we had a little fun in the dark. I have to say though, I expected the lights on those big rigs to be a lot brighter given my experiences driving in front of them. But all-in-all, this shoot was so fun because of a wonderful family with super polite and thoughtful kids. Plus, how often do I get to shoot a big rig? Also, did you know they are technically called Tractors? I didn’t. I thought those were only found on a farm.

Waiting out the rain:
in Cab

Phoenix Family picture at Sunset

on the Tractor in Phoenix

Family portrait In Front Of Tractors

Jumping Tractors

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Tam - Oh my goodness, I think I love the one with the red truck the best. Their clothes seem to be picking out the red terrifically, and the girls up top seem to be enjoying themselves hugely.

Dacia Rolando Photography - I think I like that one best too. With all my clients I try to do wardrobe consults before the shoot. I love it when they snap pictures of their clothes with a phone or a point-n-shoot camera and sent it to me. It really helps me get a feel for what they want out of their shoot. I’ve been known to get images sent from phones in store dressing rooms. I love it!

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